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August 20, 2009

We are getting down to the wire, or at least the final stages. It’s not as if this is a race, but we do have to vacate 2nd Street and just get on with being in our new home.

The water department made the connection to their service. PECO and PGW are next. The exterior of the building is almost complete in how it’s being finished; all Javier has to do is paint some parts. Next up are various bits of finish work on the interior: the floors are being milled, filled and sealed in the kitchens (regular [?] and kosher), the loading area and the conference/tasting room. Upstairs, Sun has started sanding the wood floors in the offices. The floor in the loft comes up after that.

A big question for us (just came up today) is whether we should lightly stain the new flooring so it a) doesn’t stand out too much from the older wood and, more importantly b) has a richer color than its natural (very) blond tint. Of course it works perfectly well, we just want it to have a more rich appearance. I suspect some stain will find its way into the program.

Now that the water’s connected the plumbing fixtures will soon be installed. The ceiling grid’s are all in place for the areas that are getting drop ceilings (kitchen and offices).

The slate tile will be going down in the entry lobby and bathrooms within the next week or so. Lastly, we’ve started moving some of the mountain of junk, errrr, important stuff we’ve collected over the years.

Here are a couple of pictures to help you see what’s up. The first is of the kitchen, where the concrete floor is being milled, lightly polished and then sealed.

The concrete floor gets sanded, polished and then sealed.

Sanding the wood floors in the offices. Polyurethane to follow.
Sanding the wood floors in the offices. Polyurethane to follow.