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Break on through to the other side.

April 3, 2009

The opening that will let you walk from our entry lobby to the steps leading upstairs has been cut in the brick wall. and the 2nd entry door into the Atrium has been opened up, too, now that there is some flooring on both sides. Take a look:


When this kind of work gets done, things start to look like it's really going to be a welcoming place.

When this kind of work gets done, it starts to become real.

Here’s the doorway on the 2nd floor:


Hey, nice lintel.

Hey, nice lintel.

P.S. Apologies for the title today. I’m no big Doors fan, and definitely not a Classic Rock guy, but it seemed so appropriate.


April 2, 2009


A bad photo from a phone’s camera, but exciting news: the floor’s being installed in the atrium.

We’ll specialize in mud pies.

April 1, 2009


Still water runs deep. Waste lines run even deeper.

Still water runs deep. Waste lines run even deeper.

Beware buying a building with no plumbing of note. If installing a kitchen is your goal, you’ll be frightened that you’ll never get rid of all the dirt.

Of course we will. Eventually.

Regardless, there is a plus to doing this kind of basic work: we get to know the guts of our new home quite intimately. One hopes you never need to know where the various lines for the utility services run – below the concrete or in the walls, or above the ceiling – but when the time comes (and it will come, ask anyone who owns property) you’re glad you know how it all lays out.

On an entirely different note, a conversation at work at the end of the day brought up the didjeridu, the Australian Aborigine’s wind instrument that makes that distinctive droning sound. Over the years we’ve come across didjeridu player Christopher of The Wolves while staying in Oxford, England where our friend, Jonathan, owns a tennis camp. It’s there that I trade a bit of room & board in return for teaching some tennis. Christopher is a busker on Cornmarket, one of the main streets of commerce in Oxford. Thanks to modern technology google-ing, I found his web site and emailed him. He wrote back, saying he can’t busk in Oxford anymore due to changes in the local laws.We have some cds of his, and you can get one at his site if you’re so inclined. Who knows, maybe we’ll invite him to play at Front & Palmer.